Do your employees really need your logo on corporate apparel?

  • Apr 4, 2018

Advertising, brand awareness, exposure; all of which are marketing buzzwords that mean a great deal when representing your company in the marketplace.  Any type of advertising is based upon the number of impressions that you make, whether it be newspaper, radio, print, promotional products, billboards, etc.  How many impressions can you receive from a specific marketing plan? 


If you provide corporate apparel that brings positive recognition with your message decorated onto each garment, you will have one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available!  Just think of the number of impressions that you will garner from this.  Construction companies who staff their employees in the office and at the workplace, sales personnel out making presentations, appearances at trade shows, etc, and every other type of industry that is either behind the scenes or are out in the front lines making contacts each and every day.  The number of impressions you make on a daily basis without even being fully aware of the people you reach.  Not only is decorated apparel worn during the day in the workplace, but after hours while shopping, doing errands, dining at restaurants and the day to day activities.  The more they travel the more impressions!


If you spend your marketing dollars on traditional forms of advertising just remember the power of your own employees.  The more they are out an about, the more impressions you make.  No one has ever been offended by corporate apparel being worn in a professional manner.  Plus, in today’s world it is great knowing when someone comes to your door that they are represented by the company who sent them. 

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