So, you want an online clothing store for your business?

  • Mar 14, 2018

Online or E-company clothing stores provide your employees and/or customers with clothing decorated with your company’s logo.  That’s a great idea! 

We love doing online clothing stores for our customers as it’s a large part of our business.  BUT – there is one thing all successful E-company stores have in common.  We have been running these stores for years and we have found that for in order for these sores to be successful, the company must pay for the clothing!  It’s great to think your employees will shell out their own money to purchase your garments but unless you’re Harley Davidson (or some other iconic brand) that’s just not realistic.

Think of it in terms of advertising dollars, and employee goodwill.    Who wouldn’t want hundreds of walking billboards in stores, parks, museums, restaurants, or better yet - your customer’s office displaying your company logo? 

Here are a few ways to use an E-company store for your business;

Safety awards

New employee’s onboarding

Trade show items

Years of service awards

Sales awards

Project completion awards

Contact Ad Madison for thorough discussion of how these E-Company stores can benefit your business.

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